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AVerMedia showcases PCIe TV Tuners

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AVerMedia showcases hyper force TV Tuner solutions with PCI Express architecture at Intel Developer Forum in Taipei


AVerMedia has showcased the AverTV ExpressCard (E508) and launched the new AverTV PCI Express Card- Dual (M1A3) at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei – 11th and 12th April.

The debut of the E508 at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last September received very positive response from the audience. The M1A3 is newly designed in PCI Express architecture and employs two TV tuners to enhance the experience of enjoying TV on a PC.

The AverTV ExpressCard (E508) is the new PCTV solution for the ExpressCard™ standard which offers a smaller and faster I/O expansion solution, targeting both notebook computers and small form factor desktop computers. The E508 features; scheduled recording, time-shifting, image capturing and MPEG2 recording and is fully recognized by the PCMCIA organization.

The new AverTV PCI Express Dual (M1A3) also demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum, employs two TV Tuners which allow users to watch one channel while recording another simultaneously. The M1A3 also incorporates two hardware video encoders reducing the loading onto the CPU. You can simply watch TV without any interruption whilst working on a PC.

“AVerMedia has been committed to developing cutting edge video and multimedia products. We are pleased to have developed the ExpressCard and the new PCI Express TV Tuner products. To be able to support Intel’s new solutions with these innovative TV tuner solutions is really exciting,” said Dr. J. Allan Yang, CTO of AVerMedia.

In order to be a total PCTV solution provider, AVerMedia will roll out a series of products with ExpressCard’s form factor in 2005, such as a 34mm DVB-T ExpressCard, a 54mm Hybrid ExpressCard, a 54mm MCE ExpressCard and a 34mm ATSC ExpressCard.

AVerMedia’s cutting-edge products prove that AVerMedia’s technology is always keeping pace with the world’s first class technology developments.