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Watch Live TV, Listen to FM and Record Video all on a PC!

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Milton Keynes, England, December 7th, 2004

To ensure users don’t miss any of their favourite TV shows or any breaking world news, leading digital entertainment specialist, AverMedia, has delivered the £74.99 (inc VAT) AVerTV USB2.0 Plus, a low-cost external TV tuner compatible with any PC or laptop.

The lightweight and mobile AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus converts any desktop or notebook into a complete entertainment centre – It’s like having a TV, FM Radio and PVR added to a PC! Watch Free Live TV, listen to FM and even record favourite programs in MPEG 1/2/4 format to your PC’s hard disk.

The AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus is a palm-sized device that hooks up instantly to a PC via its fast USB2.0 connection, it is plug and play so it couldn’t be simpler. Weighing a mere 118grams, the TV USB2.0 Plus can conveniently be used whilst travelling. Its compact size also makes it perfect for a small bedroom, office, or study where a TV is too space consuming!

No more cables.

The new AVerTV USB2.0 Plus supports a USB2.0 direct sound solution – no more separate cables for audio stream transmission.

In Control.

Watch TV or listen to the radio at the press of a button. The new AVerTV USB2.0 Plus is supplied with a full feature remote control for user convenience.

The TV USB 2.0 plus also includes a ‘channel lockout’ feature to enable parents to prevent young children viewing some chan
nels that they may deem unsuitable giving them unparalleled control.

Record and Pause Live TV
The AVerTV USB2.0 Plus includes software that can turn a PC into a digital video recorder. Replicating the advanced technology of recorders such as Sky Plus, the TV USB 2.0 Plus enables users to pause live TV and easily schedule recording of programmes.

Convert Home Videos
Another amazing feature allows users to hook the TV USB 2.O Plus up to a home video entertainment system with the provided AV and s-video input enabling users to enjoy home videos and convert them into digital formats.