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Flip Video Expands Options with "Designed for Flip™" Accessory Programme

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8th November 2010, London, UK: Cisco today announced a new accessory programme for Flip Video called Designed for Flip™ to expand the options and experience for its customers. New Designed for Flip™ accessories will include a range of products initially including; battery chargers, a pocket projector, and waterproof cases with a range of new exciting products to be announced imminently.

Gareth Jones, head of European Sales for Flip Video at Cisco said:
“We kept to our brand principles with the new range of Flip UltraHDs and Flip MinoHDs announced earlier this month; easy to use easy to connect and easy to share. But listening to our customers we have seen demand for a range of accessories that suit different lifestyles and specific needs that can add to the overall experience.”

“We have an exciting pipeline of accessories to suit professional and home uses. From journalists to Mums to small businesses, all will be catered for so that the Flip Video experience is enhanced for everyone.”

A key component of the Designed for Flip initiative is a new Flip Video feature called FlipPort™. The FlipPort™ is a uniquely developed connector found on the bottom of the new Flip UltraHD -- announced last month -- that will become a standard feature on future generations of Flip Videos. The FlipPort™, will allow a range of specialised accessories to easily plug right in to Flip video cameras and open up a world of new uses and creativity for consumers.

As part of Designed for Flip, iGo™ is offering three new products: the Overtime Battery extender which doubles the Flip Video battery life; the Charge Anywhere power adapter can charge two products at once such as a Flip video camera and another USB accessory; and finally a new Pocket Projector which will allow Flip owners to instantly project and watch their Flip video clips directly from the video camera anywhere and on any flat surface up to the size of a 70” TV.

In addition, new accessories now available include Flip Waterproof cases from Aquapac®, which allow consumers to use their Flip video camera for activities such as sailing, snorkelling and skiing.

The Designed for Flip line will debut several products starting today and then continue to roll out more accessories in the New Year and beyond. Cisco is working with leading companies in multiple product segments to provide a wide selection of general purpose and specialised products for both current and future Flip video cameras.

For information about how to become a Designed for Flip developer, please contact developer@theflip.com.