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Audeara’s A-01 now available at a new price of £199/$249

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  • Designed by doctors and engineers to deliver perfect sound, always
  • For a video explaining how the headphones work, click here

Everyone has a degree of hearing loss. Not just as a result of every loud gig they’ve been to, every busy street they’ve walked down or every police siren that’s gone past but also damage sustained by listening to their headphones too loudly. More and more young people are experiencing some loss of hearing, an increasing number with the same hearing health aged 30 that people would usually associate with a 60 year old.

Audeara headphones can be used to test and retest hearing over a lifetime and adapt music to the users’ individual needs. They sharpen music, not making it louder to improve the experience and provide perfect sound. The first time the headphones are worn, the user undertakes a hearing test – the results of which are subsequently stored in the headphones themselves. The headphones use this hearing profile is used to adjust the sound signal. They adjust the right ear differently from the left, making sure each part of the signal reaches each music lover’s brain in a way that the artist and audiologist would love!

After the first test, the app isn’t required again unless the user wants to retest. This means headphones store the sound specification themselves making them sophisticated tools for personalised sound.

To read further on how the Audeara headphones have enhanced people’s lives further, click here.

The Audeara Headphones are available for £199.99 from Amazon UK and $249.99 from

The Audeara app is available to download from Google Play and the App store.


  • Low-latency, high-fidelity Bluetooth.
  • High-quality 40mm Mylar speakers.
  • Adjustable headband and soft over-ear cushion.
  • Rotatable design for easy storage in a slim, hard carry case when traveling.
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via Micro-USB jack.
  • The headphones can be used as a common wired headphone with 3.5mm port.
  • Advanced, active noise cancelling design effectively reduces noise by up to 85%.


  • Bluetooth & ANC
  • Speakers: 40mm Mylar
  • Audio impedance: 32Ohm
  • Charging time: approx 3.0 hours
  • Charging: micro USB
  • Operating range: ≥10 m
  • Connection: 3.5mm jack
  • Working time :

- Noise cancelling function only: 66 hours
- Bluetooth function only: 45.5 hours
- Noise cancelling + Bluetooth function: 25.5 hours