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RevoNext introduces its RX6-Sport dual driver in-ear earphones

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With a selection of ear hooks and silicon ear tips, the RX6-Sport are the perfect sports companion

LONDON, 17th JANUARY 2019, Audio specialist RevoNext, established in 2015 by audio engineers with fifteen years of experience in the sector, are today pleased to announce the availability of its RX6-Sport dual driver in-ear earphones and Bluetooth adaptor. It is designed to fit all existing RevoNext earphones and any other brands compatible with a two pin cable. The RX6-Sport earphones feature one dynamic driver and one balanced armature to deliver a superior sound quality and are available from just £23.98/$27.99 from Amazon UK and Amazon whilst the Bluetooth cable is £23.98/$29.99 from Amazon UK and Amazon. Both can also be purchased from the RevoNext website.

The RX6-Sport earphones are ergonomically designed with two types of ear hooks with three size options, as well as three sizes of silicon ear-tips for exceptional comfort and noise isolation whilst taking part in sports activities. Inside, the RX6-Sport feature RevoNext’s latest composite membrane acoustics with one dynamic driver and one balanced armature to pump out a powerful deep bass and balanced crisp highs to deliver an excellent, detailed listening experience.

Available in black, grey and red, the RX6-Sport offer a changeable line design, using 3.5mm anti-oxidation nickel-plated connector and 0.78mm 2-pin plug detachable HI-FI high-end audio cable further enhancing the sound quality and personalisation options.

To further compliment the RevoNext range, the audio specialists have also released a Bluetooth cable which simply slots in where the 2 pin detachable audio cable would fit. The cable instantly turns any 2 pin compatible earphones wireless and features an in line control for volume, play/pause or to answer and end phone calls. The Bluetooth cable boasts an 80mAH battery with a playing time of six hours and a stand-by time of up to eighty hours.

RevoNext audio products were conceived by its passionate, music loving founders in both Stockholm and Los Angeles after failing to find a good quality earphone or headphone for an affordable price. RevoNext are challenging the industry by doing things differently, with new and unconventional ideas and by focusing on engineering solutions to provide young music fans with beautifully designed and affordable Hi-Fi headphones and earphones.

The RevoNext RX6-Sport dual driver in-ear earphones are available from Amazon UK and Amazon for £21.98/$27.99 or £23.98/$29.99 (with microphone) and also from the RevoNext website.

The RevoNext Bluetooth cable is available from Amazon UK and Amazon for £23.98/$29.99 and also the RevoNext website.

Product Details

RevoNext Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones RN-RX8

Type: In-Ear
Connectivity: Wired 
 Length: 125cm±2cm 
Sensitivity: 105dB 
Impedance: 25Ω 
Frequency Range: 7Hz-40KHz 
Plug Type: 3.5mm L Plug 
Pin Type: 0.78mm 
Weight: 20g

Package includes:
1 x Dual Driver In-Ear Headphones

2 x earhooks, each in 3 different sizes

3 x silicone Ear Tips(3 Pairs)

1 x 3.5MM 0.78mm 2 pin Detachable Hi-Fi Audio Cable

1 x User Manual 

About RevoNext:

RevoNext are group of passionate super lovers of music. With full inspiration and creation in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden, RevoNext challenge the industry by doing things differently, worshipping unconventional ideas and focusing on engineering solutions. Several of RevoNext founders had experiences in Stockholm and Los Angeles but failed to find really good Hi-Fi headphone/earphone at affordable prices 3 years ago, so they are devoted to provide young music fans with well developed Hi-Fi headphones branded by RevoNext.

REVONEXT is the combination of two words ' Revolution' and 'Next', which indicates our determination for continuous innovation in sound experiences. To provide users with the best sound experience, RevoNext are committed to continuously exploring the revolution of acoustic technology and take that as their team mission!

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