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KWorld Jet Black and Blazing Orange presents Ultimate Virtual Reality

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Taipei, Taiwan, December 31, 2007 – KWorld Computer Co., Ltd. the leading provider of multimedia computer peripheral, debuts the newest addition to the high quality KWorld family products: TVBox Blazing Orange 1920ex Gamer’s Choice, and TVBox Jet Black 1680ex Gamer’s Edition!!  Both of these devices could turn your ordinary LCD/CRT monitor into a TV, a game center and a home theatre.

At KWorld, we understand the cost of being up-to-date on all gaming trend would take a toll on everyone’s wallet.  As long as you own either Blazing Orange or Jet Black, it won’t matter if you have limited space or budget.  With the game adapters for two of the most popular game consoles already included with both products, you may race your friends to the finish line on the Need for Speed on Sony PS2 or PS3 game consoles or ace the serve ball in Nintendo Wii Tennis.  Whichever fun-filled games you choose to play, you could enjoy true 1080i output on 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1200 display!!

Blazing Orange and Jet Black are powerful and elegant devices perfect for compact spaces such as bedrooms, dorm rooms, home offices, studio apartments and conference rooms.  KWorld is dedicated not only in enriching digital multimedia life, but also simplifying it!!