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QOTW: Do you still keep an active landline?

by Parm Mann on 22 March 2013, 16:30

Tags: British Telecom (LON:BT.A), Virgin (NASDAQ:VMED)

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The 2013 budget has us all thinking about ways to save money, and while the Conservatives don't appear to be particularly good at it, we've been thinking about recurring costs that might be considered unnecessary.

One of the regular expenses that frequently pops up as a point of contention is home phone line rental. Now that so many of us have mobile phones, the reason for keeping a landline at home is simple; it's a necessity if you want broadband, in most cases.

But isn't it annoying having to pay for a phone line whose only purpose, for many, is to provide the means by which you can obtain a broadband connection? Factor in nuisance callers - I've been told I've won the lottery twice this week - and the daily automated PPI messages, and there's little wonder that many would want to ditch the home phone completely.

Not withstanding the above, the older generation still rely on hardwired phonelines to communicate with us young 'uns.

So what about you, do you still keep an active landline? And if so, do you actually use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yes but I dont use it for calls. Its only cause all the ISP's demand you have a landline to have internet from them. I hate this and would welcome being able to have internet without a fixed line too.
Yeah .Phone is in effect free with Virgin TV/internet package anyway. Wife makes a lot of international calls and it is a shedload cheaper bouncing it via one of those 08xx services. Also get free calls to my Virgin mobile which is handy. Only downside is calling other mobiles - cheap deals for calling mobiles from landlines aren't common. Also I simply refuse to pay at least £20 / month for a mobile with inclusing minutes - it simply isn't good value for me.
no. Virgin give you internet with no land line
I pay a total of £17.50 for a landlines and totally unlimited broadband at 15 meg. Don't use calls at all. This is cheaper than Virgins 60 meg package and due to their 75% throttling on high users there is no point to pay more for that service. Yes it's annoying that line rental is ‘dead money’ but it's still a cheap option in comparison
no. Virgin give you internet with no land line

True; but if you want virgin TV, you need a phoneline.

This is the only reason I have one. Correction, I do occasionally use it to find my mobile…