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QOTW: What car do you drive?

by Parm Mann on 17 July 2020, 16:31

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A lot of us have been spending less time in our cars these past few months, but as we start to return to the roads, we're taking this week's question behind the wheel by asking; what car do you drive?

In addition to make and model, we're particularly keen to hear how you rate your motor in terms of in-car tech. Does it do the basics well, is there any particular feature that you're fond of, or do you still struggle to get Bluetooth working reliably? Either way, let us know using the comments facility below.

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I don't own a car. Used to have a 2002 Suzuki Swift. Worked fine. Had a radio. Got me to work and back, no issues.

What bike you ride?
2005 Golf Mk5 GTI. Original stereo is still fitted but has an attachment for a 3.5mm input as well as a Parrot bluetooth. Next month replacing all that with a newer VW stereo so it's all built in with DAB too. I;'ll be honest the heated front seats are the feature I love the most in winter :D
1996 Golf MK3

Fitted a new Bluetooth Stereo and a Yi Dashcam but that's all I can really do.

It's so old it doesn't even have OBD2!
I sold it back in 2012, no point having a car in the UK. I have got a BMW R1250RS motorbike and that's packed to the hilt with electronics.
Lots to like my favourites are the semi-active suspension that adjusts to the road condition 100s of times a second you can have it set soft for every day or firm when you are feeling sporty it auto adjust if you are carrying luggage or a passenger or you can get manual control.
Heated grips, of course, you need them for the UK winter!
So many other things like built-in SatNav and BMS SOS system (so important for a biker)
2013 Tiguan

It's alright, tech-wise. Bluetooth entertainment/phone hookup, built in sat nav, twin zone climate control etc.. it even steers itself into parking spaces.