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Live TV streaming via iPlayer hits record high

by Sarah Griffiths on 17 March 2011, 12:37

Tags: BBC

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More Brits than ever are now streaming live TV content through the BBC's iPlayer service, according to Auntie's February statistics.

The BBC reckons that the increase in popularity is down to more sport being available on its iPlayer website as live Six Nations rugby, premiership football games and American football has been up for grabs recently, according to a blog post.

BBC Online's social media executive, Nick Reynolds, said that February was a ‘very strong month' for average daily requests, with a new record of 4.5m online requests per day achieved.

According to Auntie's statistics, 5.3m of these requests were from the iPlayer on Virgin Media.

However, as February has less days than January, the Beeb said that the total number of hits for iPlayer was down from 162m in January to 148m and 23m of those were from Virgin Media TV customers.

iPlayer's website got 125m hits with 94m requests for TV shows and 32m for radio programmes.

Interestingly, Auntie reckons that people use iPlayer to watch TV at roughly the same time as they tune in for linear programmes, although it said: "there is proportionally more daytime and late-peak use."

It also concluded from its stats that relatively few people over the age of 55 use iPlayer and it is perhaps unsurprisingly more popular with younger users.

Importantly, February's statistics demonstrated that the new iPlayer iPad App saw 2.1m requests for TV shows delivered to the iPad in February, up a whopping 22 per cent from January.

The Beeb also said that since 10 February, the Android and iPad apps have downloaded a combined total of over 460,000 times.

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