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abit closes down entirely

by Scott Bicheno on 4 March 2009, 09:14

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Official confirmation?

We are trying to get official confirmation from USI of all this and clarification on the warranty situation but have yet to hear anything.

There had been some speculation in the media that abit was closing entirely at the end of last year but that was clearly wide of the mark.

HEXUS has always found its dealings with abit to be very honourable prior to the USI acquisition and it has always met its liabilities. However this lack of an official statement from USI seems to be symptomatic of a change since the acquisition, which has been detrimental to a creditor like HEXUS.

We sincerely hope on behalf of ourselves and all abit creditors and customers that USI completes the liquidation in an honourable and correct way.


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Damned shame :(
bye-bye Abit…I've had many years of joy with your motherboards (with exception to the latest one).

Had lots of Abit bits and bobs over the years, shame to see them go as they were always my first choice for mainboards.
I have had two ABIT boards - all top notch,

can't beleive abit has to go while crap like Jetway, Biostar, ECS, etc. stay!
aw man.. no more support for my mobo :(