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Computer chip architect Jim Keller joins Tenstorrent Inc

by Mark Tyson on 6 January 2021, 12:11

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Jim Keller has been named president, CTO, and a board member at Tenstorrent Inc. The ex AMD, Apple, Intel and Tesla processor architect is now expected to leverage his talents to help Tenstorrent develop a leading-edge AI chip that mimics the way the human brain works (neuromorphic computing). Of course, it isn't the only firm looking into brain-like computing architectures but it has certainly got our attention.

Tenstorrent already claims to have developed the "industry's first dynamic AI architecture" which it says can be used for facilitating scalable and efficient deep learning. The startup was formed by AMD and Nvidia veteran Ljubisa Bajic. Its 'winning team' is the greatest asset it has bringing along "decades worth of experience productizing complex hardware, software and systems," and now it has just strengthened that hand.

Already there are two chips in Tenstorrent's stables, the first steps of this startup to realise its potential. If you head on over to the firm's website you can read about processors such as Grayskull and Wormhole. Keller has obviously done some homework on Tenstorrent's progress so far, and in a statement provided a glowing testimonial "Tenstorrent has made impressive progress, and with the most promising architecture out there, we are poised to become a next gen computing giant."

The Tenstorrent board have renewed confidence that it will be able to make waves in the industry, and with Keller leading the efforts to formulate the hardware to drive Software 2.0, it might just be able to slay some Goliaths.

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Definitely a positive review from someone such as Jim Keller. Considering most things he touches and is involved with become great, very interested in where TensTorrent are going.
Skylab is getting closer folks. Corvid will be screwed.
Skylab is getting closer folks. Corvid will be screwed.


very good. :clapping:
“a leading-edge AI chip that mimics the way the human brain works”, what an overstatement!