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AMD GPU shipments jumped 11 per cent in Q2 2014 say analysts

by Mark Tyson on 20 August 2014, 10:00


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Graphics and multimedia market research specialists Jon Peddie Research has just published figures showing the current state of play in the GPU industry. The main headlining stats from the recent report includes the swings in the GPU shifting fortunes of AMD, Intel and Nvidia and the fact that GPU shipments were up quarter-to-quarter by 3.2 per cent but down year-on-year by 4.5 per cent.

JPR says that graphics chips are becoming one of the most highly demanded items in computing, not only for the obvious reason that every computer needs a display and every gaming computer needs a relatively beefy GPU, but also because of the demand for GPUs to be utilised in "supercomputers, remote workstations, and simulators".

Getting to the meat in this research sandwich, lets look in turn at the AMD, Intel and Nvidia figures:


AMD enjoyed increased shipments of APUs and of its discrete graphics in notebooks. "APUs increased 16.7% from the previous quarter, and increased 10.3% in notebooks," reported JPR. "AMD's discrete desktop shipments decreased 10.7% and notebook discrete shipments increased 30.6%". Overall graphics shipments were up by 11 per cent.


"Intel's desktop processor embedded graphics (EPGs) shipments increased from last quarter by 7.2%, and notebooks increased by 1.9%". This resulted in an overall PC graphics shipment increase of 4.1 per cent for Intel said JPR.


Nvidia felt the sharp end of the stick in the most recent reported quarter. Its discrete desktop shipments were down over a fifth (21 per cent down). Meanwhile its notebook shipments were up by nearly 7 per cent - not enough to make up for its desktop slump - the overall picture was an 8.3 per cent downturn in GPU shipments.

As mentioned in the intro overall industry shipments were better than in Q1 2014 but worse than those of a year ago. Dedicated graphics cards shipments from AIBs declined 17.5 per cent. The attach rate for GPUs was up 3.2 per cent to 139 per cent even though 68 per cent of PCs rely solely on integrated graphics.

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Low powered embedded graphics for everyone then :( I'm sure they'll catch up with the power of discrete some day, but looks like we're heading for a sort of 5 year drop back in graphical power that devs will want to target.
I hope DX12 is going to be a big enough leap that sales increase for both companies.

Are the guesses I've seen accurate, that we won't see DX12 until the Autumn after next (2015) at the earliest? I'm not sure which of the rumours I've seen are based on conjecture, or which are drawn from insiders' tips.
I remember the days when there were dozens of competing GPU companies… lots of probs with that too of course, but it's still sad to see only a couple of big players (and Intel I guess) left in the game.

Also, this was all fields.
I will say I am a fan of the APUs for general/media PCs.

I have a netbook based on the old C50 and my HTPC is about to be upgraded from a A8-3870K to an A8-7600.

To me the balance they bring in such machines is perfect, and hey with DX12/Mantle shaping up to better support multicore my 3570k may soon make way for an AMD 8 core.
I wonder at what market share AMD have to be at to actually make hard profit.