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PC Partner Ltd is pleased to kick off its new design website in 2006

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Year 2006 - a year of ‘Synergy in Motion’ for PC Partner Ltd! Nowadays, technological world is evolving. PC Partner defines its position around the new era of digital and multimedia world with heavy focus on mobile, digital home, enterprise and multi-entertainment market. With significant pace of capturing this new business vision, and our philosophy of Green Production concept, a great renovation of PC Partner website has been made, with its validity started on 20 Jan 2006.

Don’t wait and browse our new website, you would see our vivid commitment in developing PC board level products, Consumer Electronic products and our thrill in rendering professional Electronic Manufacturing Services; all clearly envisions and outlines PC Partner’s future development and direction.

Furthermore, with customers care always in mind, we have enriched our Technical Support content as to ensure comprehensive after sales services is attained. Meanwhile, a new “Partners” section is developed, aiming to provide value-added resources step by step to our valued worldwide clients.

Go now to www.pcpartner.com
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