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HEXUS.TalkingShop: Tegra devices, part 3

by Scott Bicheno on 8 December 2009, 16:34

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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The next generation

Our interview series with Bea Longworth, corporate communications manager at NVIDIA, concludes by looking forward to subsequent generations of Tegra and what we can expect from them.

Longworth concedes that these first Tegra products feel a bit like manufacturers are dipping their toe in the water initially, and we're just beginning to see what they're going to do with this technology.

We move onto the increasingly bewildering array of mobile form-factors available to end-users and ask if that situation is going to rationalise itself eventually.  Longworth is keen to draw attention to the smartbook concept, currently being championed by rival chip-maker Qualcomm, so hopefully we can expect to see a Tegra-based one before long.

But before we get too carried away with smartbooks, we conclude with a reminder that NVIDIA is still pretty keen to bring attention to its netbook chipset - ION. We have a look at the graphics capabilities of a Samsung N510 and ask what price end-users pay on battery life to get all this graphical goodness.


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*Big Sigh*…Is there anything more boat-floating than ladies who know their tech…? :p

Scott seems a bit tongue-tied here in the beginning which is understandable with the company, but watch out for those subconcious Freudian finger stroking there. :naughty:

On a more serious note, have been debating for a while now between HTC TouchPro 2, netbook or tablet and wonder how the ION Samsung performs playing action movies rather than animation?

ION tablet pc anybody?