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In Win goes fully concept with the sphere Winbot chassis


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And we see a couple of chassis with wood, glass and metal.

In Win has carved a reputation for showing innovative, cutting-edge chassis at trade shows. Many will know of the D-Frame, X-Frame, H-Tower, the Tau, and so on. The bar has been set high for this year's show. The company didn't disappoint as it showcased the Winbot chassis.

The sphere takes the whole concept PC up another notch. Housing a custom build by modder Kun MOD, the chassis has a built-in camera, Alexa compatibility and gesture recognition.

It's not just for show, either, as In Win plans to build a limited run for partners and consumers alike. Expect to pay around $1,000 for the privilege of owning one later this year.

On a different note, In Win popularised tempered glass a few years ago and it is now seen on most high-end chassis. Looking to differentiate itself from the crowd, it is releasing two chassis with wood as part of the design.

The 806 uses a combination of beech, tempered glass and steel to create a unique look, with a button on the back to release the side panel. Meanwhile, the Gaming Cube A1, housing a Mini-ITX form factor, uses maple on the top and an RGB surround on the bottom. Take a look at the video to see both in their glory


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In Inwin's world wood is a special material…
And that ball case was just a joke… It didn't work at all.
if their latest cases are anything to go by you should expect to pay at least two grand- my guess is nearer two-and-a-half, as they will doubtless stick their trick psu in it.
must say i liked the wood atx case tho`.
In Inwin's world wood is a special material…

I think that a natural fibro-pourus cellulose polymer is a special material :D