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Colorful to launch self-contained water/air-cooled GTX 980 Ti


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The only one without an external radiator.

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wtf, couldnt they find a proper english speaker instead of this guy, he shouldnt be fluent but this guy can barely speak english and its so much annoying to listen to him.
>complains someone can't speak English
>“so much annoying listening to him”
I wonder where the radiator is? Or is it just a fat, expensive set of heatpipes?
It's triple width - ok for a single card solution, out of the question for some SLI setups. If it works the way he describes it, sounds like a solid design, if it weren't so big.

And it's likely that English is this guy's third or 4th language. Native of Taipei? Probably Hakka. Works for a major Chinese company? Probably Mandarin. So at best, English is a distant 3rd… not sure I understand the negative commentary on English speaking for a trade show happening in Asia… almost sounds like something some American would say (that's a joke - look at my title.)