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ARM marketing boss on next-gen chips, servers and wearable tech


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Ian Drew offers insight into where ARM can go next.

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Great to see a British company making such inroads into what was a niche market, and now making it mainstream. For anyone who hasn't seen the ARM giveaway that HEUS ran overChristmas New Year, the range of applications that the ARM processors are finding is simply staggering. While “wearable technology” might be a bit of a marketing slogan, the drive to miniaturisation and low power consumption - where RISC processors excel - is surely going to lead to exciting times for mainstream consumers and gadget fiends alike! (and today's gadget is tomorrow's must-have mainstream device!0
I enjoy watching “bosses” admit that profit is good.. and that they aim for it with volume AND innovation.

that's a top bloke

I'm still uncertain about “wearable tech” because, if we're honest, it mostly needs 3G or better to be usefull.. and this country has such a bloody DIRE set of networks!

but having portable, useable tech with onboard storeage… is good :)
BROADSIDE CAPTAIN! shots at intel there somewhat - and did I watch support for AMD and HSA as well??