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Tarinder gets mesmerised by ASUS's ROG Tytan desktop


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One-touch overclocking made sexy.

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Youve made me question my ability to pronounce words….I say Ace-us, you say A-zeus, confused! I think im now wrong haha.

Looks like a novel idea but im not sure, what size fans are they? They look smaller than 120mm in which case its a massive fail :(, id much prefer a chassis to be as large as it is with the sides out (like shown) and be able to have a much larger radiator inside :D.
Weird button? I think you mean awesome button.
the awe-factor from it though does far outweigh any disadvantages :D.
Does HeXus not have a makeup team ?
Tarinder needed
- better specs or no specs
- Spiked hair
- Better T-shirt
When those fans popped out the sides I was quite literally blown away!

I love it, when will that case hit the market.