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InWin shows off open-air H-Frame chassis


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Like your chassis to be pricey and unusual? Then this one's for you.

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Haven't seen anything like this myself either, pretty interesting. Being open air should help a lot thermally. But then it's very prone to dust as well I'd imagine.
If you have a modern sylish flat/house then it could fit in really well, the design is fantastic. Agreed with the comments about dust though, would require pretty serious maintenance!

Price is also pretty extreme :O I think In-Win are tying to break the stereotype assigned to them of dull, basic cases and we will probably see them trying to break into the lower end of the enthusiast market over the coming years.
I quite like it but it's still the same basic ‘tower’ case design, it's just constructed along one plane instead of 3… and the price is rather high for a few pieces of laser cut (at best) pieces of metal.
I wonder if it will come fully assembled or as a flat pack case… I would find building it enjoyable.

As above I won't want to use the case considering the dust, maybe if I lived in a pressurized house eliminating dust altogether but that is highly unlikely.
Ok, so the case has no fans included as, being open, it doesn't trap heat, but that also means it would do nothing to dampen the sound of the fans on the HSF, GPU and PSU, and I know about noise, I have a 6990!

I love the way it looks though.