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Computex 2010 :: Sparkle's fans suck.... and blow!


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Sparkle's special fans pull and push air.

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Well, I can see the idea behind it, but imho it seems a little pointless. It begins by blowing the dust out of the card. Where's that dust going to go? If you have a good through draft, maybe the dust will get kicked out of the back of the case. More likely though, isn't it just gonna go clog up something else? And surely in order to ‘blow’ it has to draw in air from somewhere, so could still be drawing dust into the card. Admittedly when it swaps back to ‘sucking’ air into the card, the dust that was pulled in by the ‘blowing’ will be pushed back out. It just seems a little gimicky…

I'll tell you what it does do effectively, this whole ‘suck, ’blow' business… prevent me from maintaining a straight face while watching the video then writing the post!
I assume that this feature will add to the cost of an already expensive product and if you can spare the cash for a premium product+premium feature+the electric bill+the sound solution to negate that noisy cooling, then I think you can afford a water cooling solution or an air compressor for quick cleaning.
GTX645 :o, a worldwide exclusive on HEXUS.tv?

@Kirano, the main way dust causes issues is buildups blocking air flow, fins of the heatsink being cover by a layer of dust does reduce the efficiency slightly but as much as a blockage.
eg the intel stock cooler suffers quite badly from dust forming a mat on top of the heatsink which blocks the air from the fan from blowing between the fins, thus causing the fan to really ramp up the speed to try to keep it cool.

This is a feature from sparkle we've seen before, my big issue with it is that fan blades are shaped to work well in only one direction, you can make them neutral so they work as well in both directions, however they'll not work as well as a single direction shaped fan blade.
Which means they have to run the fan faster and louder to keep the card cool which will make it more noisy.