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CeBIT 2010 : Sparkle enthuses about Calibre graphics brand


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Pre-overclocked cards with custom-designed coolers, Sparkle is hoping that innovation will lead to greater global recognition.

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If I understood that correctly, it's a really interesting idea to have the fan spin backwards for a couple of seconds on power up to flip the air flow direction and help dislodge dust.

Shame it's on a gt240, sparkle have does some really nice cards over the last few years esp in the caliber series, shame we hardly ever see them in the UK.

They made one of the best cooler on the 8800gt but the first time I saw it for retail in the uk the 9800gt had already come out.

the loprofile gts250 and 9800gt at lovely and have made it over here relatively quickly.

but I'm never saw the 9800gt calibre with the led tempture monitor for sale in the UK.