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CES 2010 - The awesome Pulse SmartPen from Livescribe


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Parm is totally blown away by all the cool things you can do with the Pulse SmartPen... watch the video and you'll see.

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That is actually incredible. I can see these becoming commonplace in the future, but even now it seems really accessible and very usable in its current form. Where can i get one?
been looking at them for a while, amazon do them, aswell as play, or alot of other places. Not cheap, i think Ā£120ish for the 2gb model, but also they look prettty large, worth trying one before buying.
This is how impressed i was… i made my own site. with a link to here of course.. my first site for about 9 years. only ever done pure html before… it was quite a steep learning curve. www.livescribepen.co.uk