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CES 2010 - Another world first from Mad Catz


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At CES 2010, HEXUS.tv takes a look at the wireless Light Touch Keyboard from Mad Catz, with a programmable OLED keypad.

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Like that keyboard a lot, will it come in black/silver or is it a single colour thing?

How about they do that mouse thing with a mouse mat thats also one of those charge mat things so the mouse charges itself when its on the mouse mat, perhaps a complete mat that goes under a keyboard and a mouse and have a built in palm/wrist rest thing going on…?
Nice keyboard. Lol at the ending
You're all missing the most important thing in the video. That's Big Boy Barry from Gamesworld! I always wondered what became of him and now i know!
That's Big Boy Barry from Gamesworld!


If the touch screen on the wired version could double as a mouse/track pad, I'm in for one.

That's Big Boy Barry from Gamesworld!

I thought you were joking, so I watched the vid. It really is him!