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Royal Philips add sex appeal to line up!


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Philips show Nick disease-resistant mice, sensual/adaptive remotes, stereo web-cams (high-res/stereo), cool-Bluetooth headphones, multi-format BluRay writers PLUS external storage measured in TeraBytes...

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We all know that, at some stage, Philips have invented something that has made everyone's life better…

…but, in all my years (croak croak), I can honestly say that they have NEVER looked THIS good

I want ALL these goodies - and I want them NOW :mrgreen:
I never made it to the door with that remote…
You gotta love a company that enables mouse-potatoes to live lives of enduring comfort and sloth

Hardly suprising you didn't make it. That guy from Philips was twice your size and that remote was quite big.
That wasn't the remote, I was just pleased to see him…