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Review: LCD Keypad Guide

by David Ross on 1 June 2003, 00:00

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Choosing the Switches, Led's and Headers

This was one of the toughest parts of the project.  Finding that perfect switch, to match the lurvely aluminum look of my case.  I ended up with the following switches:

The wires that have been connected into the four big switches have been salvaged off the LianLi USB Module

Designing the Faceplate

[click for big image]

The above design for the faceplate was realized in CorelDraw 10, and this final design was the 5th variation I came up with.

The top row of LEDs are of a 7.5mm diameter, LCD control and LED Reset of 6.5mm (the tiny switches) and the four big ones are 16mm in diameter.  When these switches were measured at the time of cutting the faceplate, it was found that they were smaller...

Cutting the Faceplate

First of all, cross hairs were added to the circles, by using an Acorn program called Draw, and was reprinted.  The entire faceplate was taped off with some high quality masking tape (to prevent scratching of the aluminum surface) and the reprinted cutting template was taped on top. 

Pilot holes were drilled and the big 16mm holes were filed to perfection by Chris "Duracell" Cotton.  A problem he faced was that due to the sticky nature of the tape some of his drill bits were clogging up, but he got around this.  Due to the lack of equipment, he drilled up to 13mm and then filed away till he reached a snug 16mm or so.  This tedious operation took 3 hours to complete!