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Review: Packard Bell Imax Mini NVIDIA ION nettop PC. A little bundle of joy?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 21 July 2009, 14:16 3.2

Tags: Packard Bell Imax Mini, Packard Bell (TPE:2353), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA)

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Rounding it off, and one obvious flaw?

Positioned on a stand, the shiny black plastic picks up smudges rather too easily. Such is the relative 'force' required to switch on the Imax Mini, that you need to hold on to the base to stop the unit from toppling over.

Small, isn't it? A BlackBerry Bold takes up a chunk of the chassis.

A supplied VESA mount is handy, insofar as it enables the Imax Mini to be attached to the rear of a monitor. Highlighting the top-end package, the sample also included a wireless 3D game-controller

Finishing off the package is a mini-keyboard and matching optical mouse. Trouble is, they're both corded, taking away some of the shine when attaching to your TV.

Connected to a Sony 32V4000 LCD TV and positioned next to a Sony PlayStation 3 console, the PB Imax Mini is tiny. But using the regular input devices that PC users are accustomed to - keyboard and mouse - you can only sit so far away. A simple solution is a wireless set.

Software-wise, on top of Vista Premium, PB includes CyberLink's PowerDVD 8, Microsoft Works 9, Nero 8, Norton Internet Security, and a program that enables the creation of factory-default and drivers discs.

Starting off at £249 and rising to £299 for the review model, differentiated by the extras, we'll look at performance and report on usage before passing judgement.