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Review: Antec MX-1 SATA HDD enclosure

by Matt Davey on 3 August 2007, 11:30

Tags: Antec

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Antec MX-1

The market for hard-disk enclosures is so saturated that any new product is in danger of drowning before it reach the shelves. Two types of company are vying for your money, led by the makers of hard disks selling enclosures with drives ready-installed.

Then there's all the rest, some selling empty enclosures, others selling enclosures with drives and some doing both.

For enclosures with ready-fitted drives, the makers of hard disks have a major advantage - they can provide the drives more cheaply than their third-party rivals. But, much like RAM, the HDD market has seen prices plummet to new lows, so the differential is less extreme than in times gone by.

Typically, though, the buyers of empty enclosures already have hard disks to go in them, so firms that make or market only the enclosures tend to be competing with other companies like themselves.

There's no shortage of enclosure-makers, so any company entering the market has to offer something pretty special if it's to have a chance of success. And that's just what that Antec believes is true of its MX-1 enclosure, home to whatever single 3.5in SATA drive that you choose to install - up to 750GB in capacity.