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Review: LaCie Two Big 1TB DAS enclosure

by Steve Kerrison on 26 September 2006, 10:51

Tags: Lacie (EPA:LAC)

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How much storage is enough? No, wait, let's rephrase that, seeing as no amount of storage could ever be enough now, could it? So, when you run low on storage, what type of storage do you want to tack on to your system? That's a better question.

One option is to backup data to a floppy disk (zOMG) or perhaps a Zip drive? No, a Jazz drive. But they're so proprietary in comparison to mighty recordable optical media. 4.7GB's quite a lot of storage, isn't it? Heck, dual-layer it up and get even more. Oh, but then when you need that data, there's the whole problem of finding the damn disc.

You could try a USB thumb drive because that's usually wherever your keys are, but then the storage capacity plummets. Nope, bottom line is, if you're running out of space, the best way to make more room is with more hard drives. Yeah it's lazy, but oh well!

What do you mean there's no room in the PC chassis? Looks like we're going external then. NAS, maybe? It's a bit too fancy unless you have a lot of data to share on a network. USB disk enclosure? A good idea, reasonable performance, but a lot of solutions offer no disk redundancy... can't be losing that data now, can we!? eSATA Direct Attached Storage, then? Oooh, sounds like we're onto something.

We've had some fun with eSATA before, thanks to the Thecus N2050. Today we have a similar product from LaCie on test. We've got 1TB worth of storage to try out, so let's get on with it...