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Kingston SSDNow 40GB V-series SSD review. Desktop and netbook performance

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 October 2009, 19:49 3.85

Tags: Kingston 40GB SSDNow V Series, MSI Wind U100+ (Kingston 40GB SSD), Kingston

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The point of this SSD, we suppose, is to have a small-capacity, high-speed, relatively cheap solution as the boot drive, supplemented by a second, much larger mechanical drive as storage.

We're evaluating the retail kit that includes the necessary components to mount into a regular 3.5in drive-bay.

Kingston backs the drive with a three-year warranty that begins on the day of purchase. Support can be obtained via email or by calling a national-rate number.

The company uses a JMicron controller for the 64GB V drive and a Samsung model for the V+ SSD.

The 40GB SSDNow V - which formats down to around 37GB under Windows - harnesses Intel technology this time around. The chip giant's second-generation 34nm MLC NAND is augmented by 32MB DRAM for caching purposes. At the time of writing, Kingston does not support the Trim command.

Speeds are quoted as 170MB/s for sustained reading and 40MB/s for writing, the latter being somewhat anaemic when compared to other SSDs. Being based on Intel technology, random reading/writing performance should be a hallmark of this model.

Practically all SSDs are presented in a 2.5in form factor, lined up with power and data connectors. They look no different from the 2.5in mechanical drives in most laptops but carry the benefits of silent operation, shockproof design and lower power consumption.

As an upgrade kit, this package comes with rails that make it compatible with a regular 3.5in hard-drive bay, alongside SATA and power cables.

Let's examine the performance credentials.