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Kingston SSDNow 40GB V-series SSD review. Desktop and netbook performance

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 October 2009, 19:49 3.85

Tags: Kingston 40GB SSDNow V Series, MSI Wind U100+ (Kingston 40GB SSD), Kingston

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Kingston, the world's largest independent memory-module manufacturer, has a different line line of thought as far as solid-state drives (SSDs) are concerned.

Viewing SSDs for acceleration and upgrade rather than pure storage, the company has a steadily increasing line of budget drives, priced to entice users away from traditional spinning medium.

Kingston's budget SSDs are grouped under the SSDNow V-series banner. We took a look at the 64GB V model, retailing for £100, and found that its JMicron controller to be rather poor in comparison to most other drives'.

The faster 64GB V+ drive increases performance, considerably so, through the use of better underlying technology. Competitively priced at £135, it's still too rich for most folk looking for a cost-effective upgrade to serve as a boot drive.

Now Kingston is aiming at bringing the benefits of SSDs to the masses with an attractively priced 40GB V-series model.

Set to etail at around £70 for the bare drive and £75 for an upgrade kit, we take a look to see if it's worth ditching the mechanical monster and replacing it with a budget SSD.