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Review: Windows 7 - Part 7: Performance and Final Verdict

by Parm Mann on 22 October 2009, 16:36 4.5

Tags: Windows 7, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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The Final Verdict

We've come full circle, and having examined multiple areas of Microsoft's flagship operating system, we've reached one inevitable conclusion: Windows 7 is excellent.

This is the operating system that Windows Vista should have been. Windows 7 is gorgeously designed, without sacrificing functionality; it prioritises security, without constantly interfering; it performs well, without demanding hardware; and it does what Microsoft has promised all along - simplifying everyday tasks and working the way you want.

Having taken everything bad about Vista, Microsoft has moulded Windows 7 into a release full of positives - and those high points are being widely reported by press and users alike. Having seen Vista publicly dragged through the dirt in recent years, Microsoft's retort is a Windows that just works, and the company and its development team can deservedly soak up the plaudits.

If there's a chink in 7's impressive armour, it's that the operating system is what Vista should have been some three years ago. Despite its excellence, Windows 7 is ultimately an evolutionary step and users expecting a complete revolution may be left wanting.

Irrespective of the new features - of which Libraries, HomeGroup and a new Taskbar are some of the highlights - one can't ignore that Windows 7 is, for the most part, existing technology drastically refined and polished to breathtaking effect. Yet, underneath the sumptuous finish, the out-the-box media experience remains lacking and 7's bundled applications are in short supply.

As a result, there should be no hurry in upgrading to Windows 7 - it's excellent, sure, but the likes of XP and Vista can continue to provide the majority of 7's functionality. On the other hand, if you're in the market for a new PC or a new operating system, look no further than Windows 7 - it should, by all accounts, be the death knell for any Windows before it.

Let's not underestimate what Microsoft has achieved; the fact remains that in Windows 7, Microsoft has created its best operating system to date.

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Excellent round up Hexus. Vista will have left a bitter taste in many consumers' mouths (especially budget laptop users), I think as you say Windows 7 is the OS Vista should have been.

On a personal note I'm glad I skipped Vista and Win7 is going well for me :)
It has been great reading the parts drip fed to us over the past few. All round great review, start to finish. I was waiting with bated breath on the performance side of things, Directx 11 should speed up my gaming and system a bit on my laptop. Should have it in the next week or so hopefully, depends on how quick the HP upgrade service is.

Simple excellent
Windows 7 should be a service pack to Vista.
Windows 7 should be a service pack to Vista.

It doesn't constitute what a service pack is so no, it shouldn't.
Excellent review guys, you've really excelled yourselves :bowdown: