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Review: Kingston's DDR3 2,000MHz 6GB Core i7 memory kit

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 March 2009, 13:20 3.95

Tags: HyperX DDR3-2,000 6GB, Kingston

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In the last three months the price of DDR3 memory has taken a beating. Back in November 2008 a 6GB tri-channel DDR3-1,333 kit would have cost you around £165, with many costing significantly more. Take a look at the same modules today and they're available for around £85. Still not as cheap as DDR2, granted, but the largest impediment to a transition to Intel's Core i7 or AMD's AM3 is no longer the memory, really.

Scale the frequency ladder and the crème de la crème is typified by Core i7-oriented modules running at 2GHz. Corsair has a couple of DOMINATOR GT packs, OCZ lists the Blade Series, and G.Skill has announced the Perfect Storm series, all CL7 kits based on, it seems, Elpida ICs.

Another entrant has been making noise about its Core i7 2GHz memory, and it's none other than Kingston - the runaway (third-party) leader in global DRAM sales.

To see what all the fuss is about, we take an in-depth look at some imaginatively-titled HyperX KHX16000D3ULT1K3/6GX modules, to see if they can upset the apple-cart in the ultra-high-end space.