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Review: Enermax REVOLUTION 85+ PSU: raising the bar and price

by Tarinder Sandhu on 26 June 2009, 21:24 3.65

Tags: Enermax REVOLUTION 850W, Enermax (8093.TWO)

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Specs and discussion

Busting out the specs first.

Enermax REVOLUTION 85+
Rated output power 850W @ up to 50°C
Power specification ATX12V 2.3/EPS12 v2.92
Power switch Yes
Efficiency 85% @ wide load
80 PLUS certification Silver
Input voltage (AC) Auto-ranging 100-264v, 47-63Hz
Fan(s) 1 x 135mm (700-1,500rpm)
Operating temperature range 0-50°C
Cable runs (pre-attached)

24-pin EATX (split) (12V1)

EPS 8-pin  (12V2)

EPS  8-pin (4p+4p) (12V2)

1 x 6+2 PEG  (12V3)
1 x 6+2 PEG (12V3)

Fan cable

Cable runs (modular, flat)
2 x 6+2 PEG (12V5 )
2 x 6+2 PEG (12V5 or 6)

3 x 4-pin Molex
2 x 4-pin Molex, 1x floppy 
4 x SATA (12V4)
4 x SATA  (12V6)
4 x SATA (12V4 or 6)

Max. currents

+3.3V: 25A
+5V: 25A
+12V: 70A (six-rail design, 30A on each)
-12V: 0.6A
+5vSB: 5A

Max combined 3.3V & 5V output N/A
Dimension (W x H x L) 150 x 86 x 190mm
Warranty 3-year, limited
Price £183.99


The REVOLUTION 85+ is rated up to 850W with an ambient temperature of 50°C, matching other high-quality PSUs, and the company had a sample running at an ambient 65.9°C at this year's COMPUTEX show. Should a sudden power-requirement surge occur, the unit can run at 1,020W for a short period.

A single 13.5cm fan keeps the unit cool, spinning at a maximum of 1,500rpm at full load, but we expect it to hum along at less than 1,000rpm at most times.

Efficiency is excellent for a PSU in its class, ranging from 85 per cent to 91 per cent over a wide load - 20 per cent to 100 per cent - and the 850W has passed the 80 PLUS Silver specification.

Modular in nature, there's the usual gaggle of pre-attached cabling, including 24-pin power, dual 8-pin for the CPU, including servers, and a couple of  6+2 PEGs for graphics. The rest of the connectors are split, sensibly, over the various lines.

Enermax has opted for a six-rail 12V design, and the unit pushes out an impressive 70A (840W) on the combined rails, with each able to handle 30A - although not concurrently, of course. Each rail has over-current protection from 34-45A, too. Like most PSUs these days, it's very heavy on the 12V line, making up almost 99 per cent of the available power. Indeed, Enermax labels this as a feature.

The dimensions of the PSU indicate that it should fit in most chassis and its suitably high-end origins are revealed with an etail price of £184 - making it one of the most expensive sub-1kW PSUs on the market.