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Review: Battle of the 1000W PSUs: Corsair HX1000W vs. AKASA PowerMax V2

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 April 2008, 00:04

Tags: HX1000W, PowerMax V2, Akasa, Corsair

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Corsair HX1000W cont.

A multi-language instruction booklet, cable-ties to keep everything tidy, a UK power cable, screws, case badge, and, for tech sites, a reviewer's guide.

And a lovely, not-so-little bag to put it all in.

Wondered why the bag was so big? Now you know. The listing on the previous page highlights the runs included.

Our sample's cabling was a little different than Corsair's specification. We received a total of 12 SATA connectors and 12 Molexes, compared to the Corsair's 10 on each count.

Remember, you can connect four additional PEG connectors and six peripherals, however, due to +12V rail limitations, all can't be used concurrently.

The cables are generous in length. For example, the quad-SATA run measures around 750mm from end to end. Likewise, the quad-Molex is 850mm in total length.

Backed up by a 5-year warranty and featuring Medusa-esque connectors, the Corsair HX1000W appears to have all the feature-boxes ticked. Testing will tell, though.