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Review: ECS RS482-M Radeon Xpress 200 motherboard

by Steve Kerrison on 2 August 2006, 19:30

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BIOS and issues


Physical inspection out of the way, we dropped a CPU into the socket, populated the DIMMs and made our way to the RS482-M's BIOS.


CPU FID options ranged from 4x to the maximum x11 of the CPU, in 1x increments. VID started at 0.825V and went as far as the CPU's max of 1.550V, in 0.025V increments. The 'CPU clock' or HT reference clock, ranges from 200 to 250MHz in 1MHz increments. Voltage range on the DIMMs is quite limited at 2.55-2.70V in 0.05V increments.


Memory frequency values included 100/133/166/200/216/233/250MHz. There was initially no ability to change the CMD rate for RAM, but this was fixed with a BIOS update.


The graphics card memory clock can be specified if set to 'async' mode. Its options are 200/250/266/300/333/350MHz.

The basic controls appear to be there, but no real in-depth tweaking is possible.


We found one issue with this board and that was with Cool 'n' Quiet. With the feature enabled, rebooting from Windows would cause the system to hang during the subsequent POST. We've notified ECS of the issue, who haven't been able to replicate the issue as of yet. We believe it could be a combination of the Cool 'n' Quiet driver and the particular CPU stepping we used.