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Review: Intel D845PEBT2

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 9 February 2003, 00:00 4.0

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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In the world of computer motherboard manufacturers, Intel are oft overlooked in the eyes of the enthusiast. With a reputation for producing uninspiring boards, the enthusiast often doesn't even have Intel on their short list, never mind giving them some serious consideration in the purchase of their next board.

Should that be the case? Have Intel started producing boards to appeal to the consumer that wants a bit more than their regular fare of solid but massively uninspiring motherboards? While their mantra, of producing a motherboard that to their best efforts supports their processors with the minimum of problems and the maximum of compatibility, hasn't changed, they have started trying to appeal to a different section of customer with the odd product tailored to the usual Hexus readership.

So to this end they sent us their D845PEBT2 (codenamed Blue Mountain 2), an Intel (who else? !) i845PE based Socket 478 supporting Pentium 4 motherboard motherboard with ICH4 southbridge support and some extra features that may or may not appeal.

Is it a board for the overclocker? Is it a board for those who want no fuss? Is it neither of the above? Let's take a peek.