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Review: NVIDIA's SLI - 6600 GT Performance and Conclusion

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 28 November 2004, 00:00


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Far Cry

Far Cry is run using SFR over three test scenarios and three resolutions per scenario, examining the performance to be gained from SLI with and without HDR rendering enabled.


Far Cry - No HDR

At the median setting, we see the 6600 GT SLI combination creep up on a single 6800 GT. The upper setting takes its toll on NV43 in SLI however, performance falling off slightly and the combination not able to accelerate rendering enough to keep pace.


Far Cry - HDR3

As we've seen before with the 6800 boards, HDR rendering as implemented by Far Cry isn't able to be accelerated by SLI, leaving the SLI setups floundering.


Far Cry - HDR7

More of the same with HDR mode 7, just with even less performance, to highlight that software plays its part in SLI performance and that adding another card doesn't always guarantee extra performance.