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Review: ASUS ROG ARES: God of War graphics card unleashed

by Parm Mann on 8 July 2010, 18:24 4.0

Tags: ROG ARES, ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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Final thoughts and rating

In the market for the ultimate single graphics card? The ROG ARES, in our estimation, is almost it.

Priced at a jaw-dropping £1,200, it's out of reach for the vast majority of users but ASUS's outstanding design and presentation makes it one of the most desirable graphics cards ever launched.

The ROG ARES doesn't shout buzz words such as 3D or PhysX, but it screams performance and its size and weight exude a benchmark-beating confidence.

It's fair to argue that for over £200 less, Sapphire's HD 5970 TOXIC offers better out-the-box performance, along with lower noise and slightly cooler temperatures.

But whilst the au courant consumer may opt for Sapphire's solution, ultimate bragging rights lie with the ROG ARES.

The Good

Insane amounts of graphics power from a single card
Premium packaging worthy of an ultimate GPU
Could be the world's fastest graphics card when overclocked

The Bad

£200 more than a Sapphire equivalent
Noisy under load

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Been looking forward to reviews on this, shame you could not get a hold of two ;D

Apparently crossfire does not work too well with these cards though, this chap has managed to get his hands on two of them: says there are more benchmarks to come, I am interested to see how they scale in crossfire “do you know what I mean?” heh.
Dear Santa…
Can I kick it?

Yes I can.