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Review: Cooler Master Aquagate ALC-U01

by David Ross on 28 January 2005, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Cooler Master Aquagate ALC-U01

Before taking a look at the unit itself, let's do a quick check list on the major parts you'll find in the package:
  • Aquagate Liquid Cooling Unit
  • PCI controller card
  • 110V A/C cable
  • 2x water pipes, clips and non-leaking plugs
  • Water block
  • Retention mechanism, screws and back plates for Socket 478 and 754/940 systems
  • LCD mounting bracket (for mounting LCD internally and leaving cooling unit as external)
  • Thermal paste
  • Coolant (500ml bottle)
  • Mounting kit for unit to be fitted in PSU bay
  • Manual
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The overall bundle contains everything you should need and then some, contained in two boxes inside the main package - The first is foam packed and contains the main cooling unit, bottle of cooler and replacement face plate to replace the LCD unit in the cooling unit in case you wish to mount this internally). The second contains the rest of the necessary goodies, all packed loosely.


The outer packaging finds us with an attractive box, complete with handle.

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The back of the box shows some illustrations of the products and possible ways to install it, showing off its flexibility in this discipline.

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Finally, the side of the package gives some brief information and specifications for the product, thus saving me having to tell you these things!

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