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Review: Silverstone Temjin TJ-09 chassis

by Matt Davey on 13 November 2006, 08:19

Tags: SilverstoneTek

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With the past couple of days seeing tech sites around the world salivating over nVidia’s latest offering, G80, it seemed a good time to tie up a couple of loose ends.

On the day of the GeForce 8800GTX’s release, HEXUS managed to pull out all the stops to offer potentially the world’s most comprehensive round up, including a full system, the Scan 3XS Triad G80.

The observant amongst you will have seen that this £3,000 behemoth was built around the latest chassis from SilverStone, the Temjin TJ-09. Whilst Tarinder’s review was for a complete system, HEXUS has had its hands on the TJ-09 for a couple of weeks now and we felt it fair to give it the full treatment.

Silverstone Temjin TJ-09

The Temjin TJ-09 has, on paper, everything the recently-reviewed Zalman FC-ZE1 didn’t, and more. So does it make the grade or, like the Zalman before it, does it suffer at the hands of the ‘niggle monster’ again?