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Review: Thermaltake Aguila chassis

by Matt Davey on 23 October 2006, 09:02

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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Internal Front

The front of the Aguila is locked in place straight out of the box, but the keys are handily mounted on the back of the chassis.

Thermaltake Aguila

With the lock undone we can take a look behind this double-door front to see how easy it is to get your devices mounted.

The first thing that strikes you is the front 120mm fan; a typically orange and black Thermaltake affair.

Thermaltake Aguila

With a total of 7 5.25” bays up front you may start to wonder who the heck needs 7 5.25” devices – but this is where it starts to get a bit clever.

The Aguila, in ATX format, holds five 5.25” devices, two externally accessible 3.5” devices and four 3.5” devices inside. On the other hand, switching over to the optional BTX format allows three 5.25” devices, two 3.5” externally accessible bays and four 3.5” devices inside. In order to make that possible the Aguila has one vertical 5.25” bay alongside the 120mm fan.

Thermaltake Aguila

Up top we have the usual ports accessible under a flip-up cover. These have been placed halfway back to allow you to fit a 5.25” device in the top bay, so whilst they aren’t ideally located they haven’t been put anywhere to compromise the ability of the chassis as a whole.