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BiTMICRO to launch 416GB solid state drive

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 September 2007, 10:17

Tags: Bitmicro

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SSD (solid state drive(s)) has become a buzzword for enthusiasts looking for uber-responsive storage. The problem with respect to widespread adoption has been two-fold: price and capacity.

Now, price for a NAND-based SSD will remain high for a while, sure, but BiTMICRO is introducing a 416GB SSD (ruggerdised) drive in a 2.5in form factor.

Interfacing through PATA and therefore providing 'only' 133MB/s burst speed, but a sustained 100MB/s read/write speed, and - to the point - 20,000 random I/O operations per second, the E-Disk Altima promises latency-busting performance and capacity in one drive, and, according to the specs, you can even run it at -40°C or 85°C.

If you happen to be down at DSEi 2007 at the ExCel Convention Centre, London, this week, pop on over to booth 1011A for a look. We shudder when even contemplating the price.

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Yes please…. I'd like to know the price though :)
Sounds excellent/interesting but I'm willing to bet this'll be wallet-bruising beyond the ordinary user's pockets!
Definitely a wallet-ravager. But it's about time somebody fielded a product like this.
I suspect you will be talking 20,000$
What's that in imperial money tho?