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Screwless and finished in 10 seconds... not me, the drive!

by Nick Haywood on 6 June 2007, 17:04

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Quick change drive caddy

Computex 2007Morningstar Tech Corp is showing off its new Morstar E2 Case drive-caddy and claiming that it lets you completely change the drive inside in 10 seconds. The drive tray is locked in the caddy with a simple thumb-slider catch and, once released, comes completely clear from the case.

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[advert]The tray is screwless, too, with two side-clips securing the drive in place. Round the back are connectors for DC power and USB 2.0. It's avialable in two versions - IDE and IDE/SATA flavour. With a SATA drive installed, you can hook up either to E-SATA or USB.

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Also on show is the E2 Easy x Excel with handy one-button back-up. To save you accidentally overwriting an existing back-up, the E2 Easy x Excel has a sliding button-lock.

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LMAO @ the title :D

Product looks tacky (like some cheap mid-90's toy for the kids), but functional it does appear. Icyboxes annoy me only by having 8 screws (4 thumb), and this seems to be a nice and simply solution.