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OCZ Unveils SDA 2.00 Compliant Memory Cards

by Navin Maini on 10 April 2007, 17:07


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Aiming to deliver upon the ever growing memory requirements of the latest digital cameras and camcorders, OCZ Technology has announced a new addition to their Secure Digital™ family of memory cards.

Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, the new OCZ SD High Capacity (SDHC™) memory cards are SDA 2.00 compliant and rated at Speed Class 4, offering a minimum write speed of 4MB/s, making them appealing to photo and video enthusiasts, according to OCZ Technology, to allow them to capture more images, without sacrificing their ability to use the highest quality settings.

Whilst the new memory cards announced are fully supported by SDHC compliant products, there is no backward compatibility present for use with standard SD compliant products. OCZ Technology does cite however, that the latest generation digital cameras and camcorders from names such as Canon, Nikon and Panasonic all boast SDHC compatibility and that an increasing number of next generation devices are also expected to support the standard.

Why not read the press release in full here?

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Good to see you back Navin, now get on with your ‘content around the web’ series…please:)
Thanks, though I haven't been anywhere but here, honestly :)

With regards to the ‘Content Around The Web’ series, it is on an indefinite hiatus at this time, however this will be under review from time to time.

Apologies for any disappointment caused and thanks for your continued readership :)
Ta for the reply
You're very welcome :)