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ACard claims worlds first stand alone DVD copy controllers

by Steve Kerrison on 28 June 2006, 09:00

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Storage solution provider ACard has laid claim to having an all purpose, standalone CD/DVD backup solution.

To you and me, that's a DVD duplicator. They have a 1 to 1 version, that does backups from one DVD to another, and a 1 to (up to) 21 model.


ACard say it's widely compatible with a range of DVD burners, including SATA and USB. It can duplicate at up to 16x and features an LCD screen with an easy to use interface, with no PC required. However, a PC can be hooked up for use of ACard's burning program along with all the burners you've hooked up to the device.

They reckon that their RISC based solution is the best available, and can copy data, audio and video CD/DVDs without any issues... sounds like a dream, if you want to make 21 of the same DVD at once. Now I wonder when anyone might want to do that...?

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We have a four port version of this, works well. I guess the only difference between the one we have and the new one is the SATA support. Can USB drives actually be attached to this? We have a USB port on ours, but thats just for attaching it to a PC.
We have a USB port on ours, but thats just for attaching it to a PC.
I seem to think so, although the press releases don't make it perfectly clear… not the best english.
I have one of these at church, 1-8, does a good job, cd's and dvd's duplictaed with ease within 20 mins of producing the master.

Had some early hickups but got the latest firmware and bob's your uncle worked fine
thats true actually. When i built our 1 to 3 it wouldn't burn a single thing, but updated it's firmware to the latest and flashed each or the Pioneer 110s and it's all worked since.
These have been around for ages, haven't they?