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SCAN recalls Kingston USB drives

by Steve Kerrison on 9 November 2005, 16:59

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UK retailer SCAN is recalling certain Kingston USB flash drives amidst issues with counterfeit stock in the supply chain.

1GiB and 2GiB Kingston TMate USB2 drives are affected by the issue, however it isn't known exactly who will have received counterfeit items. To that end, SCAN is recalling all of the 1 and 2GiB Kingston drives it has sold under the product numbers LN 11415 and LN 11416. Customers of SCAN who have one of these drives can fill in an online form with their order and contact details so that SCAN can contact them and arrange for the products to be collected and returned. All customers will be refunded the price of the drive and also offered free shipping if they wish to order a replacement drive.

SCAN has named the supplier of the counterfeit goods as Westek Ltd, who, they have discovered, are not authorised Kingston stockists:

This situation has caused great concern in Scan and we have taken the necessary actions against our suppliers. We are now working very closely with Kingston and Westek to resolve this serious issue and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere apologies to all our customers for any inconvenience which may have been caused. Having been in business for over 18 years, we pride ourselves on our integrity and our strong company ethics. Our commitment to customer service is incredibly important to us and we genuinely hope that our customers’ faith in us has not been dented by this very exceptional circumstance.

Good to see SCAN doing as much as possible to avoid inconvenience to customers and doing the right thing in recalling all possibly affected drives. Hopefully a similar situation can be avoided in the future.


SCAN product recall page.

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Looks like the clamping bits rather meaty.

I like the idea of pins on the mobo, if I bought a top of the range processor I'd rather bork the mobo bending a pin than the processor.
Yes but it removes the responsibility from that of the CPU manufacturer to that of the mobo vendors.

Margins are low in Mobo world, but huge in CPU world….
what does it mean by they're not going to be using it? Does this mean we won't be seeing an LGA Athlon processor anytime soon? This really has nothing to do with M2 right? Or am I just kidding myself…
True David. In fact do you guys remember the worry about LGA 775 and people suggesting boards would be good for one or two socket installations? Then the likes of Rys got their hands on review samples and could quite happy insert and remove the processor multiple times without hassle.

At least mobo manufacturers are used to one LGA socket already.
M2 comes first, then Socket F is next.

I don't mind LGA 775 boards, we have used it a fair few times.

I just feel sorry for the average punter…