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Western Digital readying high-performance 2TB Caviar Black HDD

by Parm Mann on 22 June 2009, 11:47

Tags: Western Digital Hard Drives , WD (NYSE:WDC)

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Despite the best intentions of others, Western Digital continues to go uncontested in the 2TB hard drive space and it looks set to be expanding on its range with the introduction of the 2TB Caviar Black.

The drive, hinted at in the below promo (image captured by watch.impress.co.jp), will feature 64MB of cache and Western Digital's dual-processor architecture. Assuming the drive lives up to its Caviar Black branding, it could operate at 7,200rpm - making it the only available 2TB drive to do so.

There's no mention of availability or pricing yet, but the 2TB Caviar Black will join Western Digital's existing 2TB Caviar Green and the enterprise-orientated 2TB RE4-GP.

With the aforementioned drives priced at around £200 and £275, respectively, we'll go ahead and assume that the 2TB Caviar Black will fetch over £300 when it reaches retail.

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I still honestly cannot see any regular enthusisasts / home users using such a large ammount of storage - sure, if they are backing up an entire 1080p collection and a backlog of DVD's, then fine, but honestly, I have only half filled my Spinpoint and cant imagine filling 1TB, let alone 2!

Will be good for work / server use I guess, but that said, I cant see normal users realistically filling one of these.

Nice price tag mind you.
I have 8x 1TB drives in a RAID-5 array.
I have 5x 500GB drives in a RAID-5 array in the same box.

Planning to start replacing the 500gb drives with 1.5TB drives sometime. 2TB drives are just too expensive.
A mate of mine is building up one of these:

for his WHS, he has most of his vids in bluray now, and his wife likes having all of her stupid tv series ripped too (which apparently was somewhere in the 5tb region).

Given the cost difference between 1.5 and 2tb at the moment it makes a lot of sense for him to waste $350 on the case, so he can have 20 storage drives.

What's he using for controllers? Is he using RAID on WHS, or letting it do it's spanning/duplication in software?

I have space for 18 drives in an Akasa case with a bunch of IcyDock hot swap cages.

If I'd known about that case before I think I would have gone for that to be honest. 20 SATA + a slimline optical and a 2.5" bay would have been great.
i have 8x 1tb drives in a raid-5 array.
I have 5x 500gb drives in a raid-5 array in the same box.

Planning to start replacing the 500gb drives with 1.5tb drives sometime. 2tb drives are just too expensive.

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