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OCZ's Z-Drive makes it into production. 1TB SSD with 500MB/s speeds

by Tarinder Sandhu on 24 April 2009, 11:23


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When we first saw OCZ's Z-Drive at this year's CeBIT show, a 1TB SSD, made up of four 256GB drives in RAID0, all housed in a graphics-card like enclosure and interfacing with the system via a PCI-Express x16 slot, we thought it was style over substance, designed to woo the crowds and press. Who would come to market with a drive like that?

The answer is OCZ, of course. The drives will be presented in much the same form-factor as we saw at CeBIT, hooking up to the system via a PCIe x4 link, to mitigate any potential bandwidth bottlenecks that may occur via a regular SATA interface.

Internally, the drive features a 256MB cache and, obviously, on-board RAID controller that straps the SSD together. It's cooled by a small fan on the back and the drive measures 245mm x 124mm x 22mm (WxDxH).

Read speed (max) Write speed (max) Sustained write speed Expected price
450MB/s 450MB/s 200MB/s £950
500GB 510MB/s
480MB/s 200MB/s £1,450
1,000GB 500MB/s 480MB/s 200MB/s £2,250

The blistering 700MB/s read and 500MB/s write speed of the CeBIT drive is nowhere to be seen, intimating the use of cheaper OCZ SSDs inside. The ouch comes in the form of price, reckoned to be just shy of a grand for the 250GB model and rising, inexorably, to £2,250 for the 1TB monster.

Other multi-SSD-drive options may be cheaper, but we don't think it really matters what price the Z-Drive comes in at, frankly, because its job is to raise awareness of the brand as a halo product, and it does that pretty well. Who is going to buy one then?

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if I had > £2000 lying around spare I'd certainly consider it for my next HTPC ;) 250GB OCZ Siolid series SSDs currently cost £545 (at Scan, anyway), so it's about the same price as getting 4 of those and RAID 0ing them, but without using up your SATAs. So you could have one of these for storing those huge raw video files on perhaps? Or using as swap space? and still have 4TB of ordinary SATA drives for general use?
Anyone want to buy a kidney? :)
I can't believe they actually made a production version! :surprised: crazy performance, crazy price, just general craziness…

To be fair though, it's not actually that expensive when you consider the cost of the drives on their own… Just a shame I don't have a spare PCI-E slot on my mobo or I'd be out buying one right now :rolleyes:
I can't see the point of it unless you're editing enormous video files. If you just want storage space then you don't need ridiculous speed. Buy a smaller SSD for your applications and a big mechanical drive for your data - you don't need all your storage to be super-fast.
Test it please HEXUS!
Give us some benchmarks, does it really hit these speeds, and does it perhaps manage them only on the first write, and not subsequent writes?