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Computex 2005: Germproof DVD media you can safely lick

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 31 May 2005, 00:00

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Germproof DVD media you can safely lick

Germproof DVD media you can safely lick

For all of you out there currently sucking on or licking a DVD disk you've burned yourself, STOP. The media you just removed from your face was not safe for consumption, going by the appearance at Computex of Germproof DVD blanks from Prodisc. You obviously need their media if you're conscious about catching something after you run your tongue along the polycarbonate sandwich.

Being serious now, Prodisc add silver ions to their media to ensure that bacteria that might have fancied living on the freshly burned copies of TV shows you illegally downloaded using BitTorrent clients, contributing to terrorism, can't survive. So when the MPAA send the boys round to catch you in the act, you can munch on your illegality, safe in the knowledge there's no germs around to make you wish you hadn't swallowed a load of plastic and aluminium.

Germproof media

Germproof media

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