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Samsung launch new 1TB Spinpoint drive

by Parm Mann on 30 November 2007, 12:09

Tags: HD103UJ, Samsung (005935.KS)

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Still playing with gigabytes?

Terabyte hard drives are becoming ever popular today and Samsung have unveiled the latest in its popular and highly acclaimed Spinpoint series, the HD103UJ.

Featuring three 334GB platters, the drive offers a total capacity of 1002GB and though the average seek time of 8.9ms is nothing to write home about, Samsung do claim a fairly respectable power usage of 7.7W whilst idle and 8.6W during seek.

More interestingly, the new Samsung drive is I believe the first 1TB drive to feature three platters. Most recent drives have used four 250GB platters and by using only three of a higher capacity, Samsung should achieve a quieter and cooler hard drive. Another plus point is the 32mb cache that the HD103UJ offers, though not entirely new, a fair few 1TB drives still use a 16mb cache.

For the full specification, head over to Samsung's official product page.

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It's been long awaited by Storagereview and SPCR members. In terms of sequential read/write, the drive is astonishing thanks to the dense platter. It's allegedly as quiet as the T166 too.
ooh, a nice meaty spinpoint.

happiness :)
man i got to get two of these in RAID-0 :P
Sweet been looking forward to these :D
man i got to get two of these in RAID-0 :P
Not entirely sure on RAID0. 2TB of storage that's only going to be of use in sequential transfers? Hmm. That's a VERY specific use. Nice to have though!

Have to say that they're looking rather tasty though (meaty… tasty they go together). A 7200.10 that actually works hopefully.